Hawk Eye – Relatives

Let’s say we all have been through that scene where that stupid relative of yours just wouldn’t stop comparing !

1) You’re getting fat ! Go do some exercise. Look at your cousin !

2) You’re getting slim ! Don’t you eat anything anymore ?
Don’t go out, you’ll get blown off by the wind
Look at your cousin, she’s perfect !

3) Abhishtoo ! Eating non-veg ?
Look at your cousin and learn something !

4) What’s your percentage ?
Only 99.8% ?
Look at your cousin and learn !
She has 99.9% !

5) You only pray for 15 minutes ?
Look at her, your cousin, she prays for Half an Hour !!!

6) You only play the Basketball and Volleyball ? Look at your cousin ! She plays the carroms !

7) You wear pants ?
Look at your cousin ! She wears half saree !

8) Blah Blah Blah look at your cousin she’s awesome blah blah blah blah

9) blaha hhuhha uhahahuaha
uuahauahau ahauauguahu COUSIN bluahaua huahaua haua LEARN FROM HER buaha .

See ?


Some, Few, Many Women

It’s a Baby Girl ! Let’s kill it

Look at that girl, wants to go to school it seems.

Ew, menstruation.

Guys, relationships breakups.

Whore. Slut.

Stares, comments, rapes.

Wow ! What a figure ! Sexy bitch.

Ger her married ! get her married.

Love, support, family.

Get a baby !

Love, support, family, slaps.

Such a MILF.

Emotional, physical, financial strains.


Physical pain, loneliness, depression.

Die, old woman !

Have you faced any of these ?
Not even one ?
No ?
There are millions who go through this with shut mouths.
Take a minute, look at what you’re given.
Take a minute, look at what they lack.
Take a minute, respect everyone you see.
You don’t know anyone, but yourself.
Stop judging, start living.